Friday, February 17, 2012

Project 52 Assignment 5

Details of the Assignment for Project 52
A few inches of snow is great for highlighting the beauty of local backyard landscapes.
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Project 52 Assignment #4 (My Flikr name is MEG POL 2011)

I have to thank Traci for this image:
Thank you for saving a photographer’s shoulder and for being the type of Entrepreneur that lets a student take photographs of you without advance notice.

Real Entrepreneur: Traci of Traci’s Therapeutic Massage in Romeo, MI

Traci’s distinction as an Entrepreneur really began in the family business, Romeo Neck and Low Back Pain Clinic. She worked as an x-ray technician and chiropractic assistant for twenty-three years. To add additional services for the family business Traci trained in massage therapy. After only four years of providing massage therapy the demand for her services forced her to open her own business. Traci’s Therapeutic Massage has been in business for eight years. As an innovator she brought in additional professionals to provide several spa services to a small community. One of her recent accomplishments is being part of the medical team that accomplished a miracle for a local photographer. The photographer could not even walk a short distance without damage to the nerves passing through her shoulder. Without Traci’s therapeutic work post-operatively the photographer would not have had her range of motion and strength restored. Traci’s new business techniques are enhancing physical therapy and orthopedic surgery.

Alternate Images: